Meka x Sway In The Morning

I’ve been up on Meka’s DJ career from very beginning. Like when it was an idea. Now he’s doing guest DJ sets on fucking Sway In The Morning. And this a lightweight set. He got it al. Turn up shit. Reggae/dancehall. Pop. Old school hiphop. Soul. ALL! Congrats family.

Meka x Sway In The Morning Mix


Back when Born Like This dropped I went into this all DOOM all the time mode. MF DOOM. DOOM. Madvillain. King Geedorah. Special Herbs. Viktor Vaughn. DANGERDOOM. And even a little KMD (Zev Love X) (this was obvs before JJ DOOM and MA DOOM). The super villain is among my favoritest rapperers ever. Obama gotta call his folks and get the man a pass to the states. Dual citizenship. SOMETHING! WE NEED DOOM!