Melát – Monster Cover

Young Melát just informed me that the song produced by Terrence ain’t on this here upcoming project. Forgive me, but ALL her songs and projects should be done by Terrence as only Terrence. But whatevs. Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP will be here before the month is over.

Come up get done up

I got death row’s greatest hits in 99. And it was amazing. Sure it had all the mega hits that had been all over the radio since I discovered hiphop in 92 (and one of the 2 songs that got me started). But I didn’t care. This was that heat. But it had a few gems I wasn’t as familiar with. This being one of them. Jodeci + Tha Dogg Pound = PURE FUCKING FILTH! And at the age of 12, I was all for it.