Tonight in a matter of seconds. I re-lived an entire night. POW! BAM! Just hit me. Fuckin crazy. This might be a long one. Hit the jump. Walk with me.

So I’m at the movies with my homegirl. Cowboys & Aliens (not my choice. Hers. And I was callin it Cowboys & Indians). There was a part when Olivia Wilde came out the water. And BOOM that’s when it hit me.

it was a hot night. Actually not that hot. It was the sea of bodies around us. Hot stanky heavy breathing people. Thousands. But they were hittin us all with that hose. So good! I’ll never forget the moment. The water hit. Turn your head, toss hair back, then brush it back with your hand. Your head turned and at a slight angle. The light glistens off you. Your lips? Indescribable. Your eyes were closed. In that brief moment that lasted forever. I felt like there was NO ONE else around us. And you looked like true beauty personified. I was in shock. Awe. You were the perfect woman. I lost my breath. Once I gathered myself that’s when I started with it. I put my arms around you talked into your ear and against your neck. Even though you wouldn’t give in. I KNOW you felt it. It’s the last ‘moment(s)’ we ‘shared’. It was a treasure. Maybe shoulda been goodbye. To ‘us’. We’ve had a few gay moments and a few Simpin____ moments. But nothin like that. Even though it was less than a year ago (11months and change). I buried it deep within. Haven’t thought about it in idk how long. But Tonight. Today. It came back. Eyes welled up. Breath shortened. I missed you. Missed that feeling. Missed us. But something else. I appreciated it all. Something I didn’t do before. As I saw it as a cruel joke. You still had some in you then. Just not enough. But for a small period of time, you made my dreams come true… Thank you. I love you


Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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