Dear jLo

I wrote something to you. Idk that I wanna send it to you. Cuz I don’t think you deserve it. Honestly. I mean you DESERVE it, but you don’t. It’s very sincere. I’m undecided. =\ I think what I’m saying and the reason for it is another reason I’m holding on to it, for now at least…

Let go. Get out of your head. And just go. Be fuckin free! You have it. You deserve it. (and you know it pains me to say that for obvious reasons)

Collage of loss

I don’t know what to say
What to do
All I have is love for you
It leaves me nowhere
cuz there is no us
Starting to wonder if there ever was
I’m only hurting myself
Yet clearly I can’t let go
It’s painfully obvious that I won’t get that 2nd chance.
Try tellin my heart that though
He knows where he belongs.
And won’t let my mind be free
Doesn’t matter what else I want to see
Blind love knows your touch
The addiction brought pain that’s far to much
To bare
You took it all away while you were here
Just as quickly you were gone.
The pain returned. Much more strong
And I’m really at a loss cuz I should have been gone from this hold so long ago
But I feel it in my soul
Something broken can’t as always be fixed
But in life you’re still in mix
You accepted my scars and I loved yours.
Peas in pod. Before we became odd.
To me you’re still same despite your claims.
Guess we didn’t have forever to be lame.