#2dbzBBQ (a brief overview)


Came thru early. Kicked it wit Meka. Shake. Nneka (Meka sister. Whom I had a wonderful conversation with). Eazee. And Some cool chick I didn’t know her name all day lol. Luckily everything was pretty much done so all I did was chill and catch up with my ppls.
Then it started. Roll call time:
Shouts to CB News. El Prez. C-Plus. Peas. SoundFX. Jansport J. HawdWerk. Picaso. Raven. Thr33zy. Thurzday. TiRon. Ayomari. Kendrick Lamar. Schoolboy Q. Tunji. that lightskin bartender who flirted me everytime I got a drink lol. @Josh4Q & @Justin4Q.
And everyone else I certainly forgot.
Great event. Great time. Great day.

Afterwards I hit the studio with SoundFX. Then missed the after jumpoff. All good though. And something else I’ll speak on another time.