Chief Keef X Jadakiss Perform “I Don’t Like (Remix)” Together Live For The 1st Time

I wanna see this guy perform. It’s be so amazing! Not that he’s incredible performer but the crowd with the music? Omg. Bestía would also have to accompany me.

*someone from got the footage

The love.

She made it all better as she’s been known to do. She pressed all the right buttons. It seems it always takes for us to step back from a situation before taking it on. Once we do that we get back on the same wave and ride it to our bliss. I was ready to stay mad. You weren’t gonna let that happen. Thank you.

*funny thing. Neither of us apologized *shrugs*

The week(e)nd

Finally saw the dark knight rises. It was fucking great. Anyone that said it was boring or gave it a bad review can go fuck a goat! I called that hoe being the Bawse *rick ross grunt* UUHH
Then finally fucking saw Ted. fucking HILARIOUS! Bestía shed some tears. Oh my poor little baby
And Sunday was her bday. I her her the best gift in the history of gifts (as I’m known to do). Plus a very endearing card I made with my own 2 hands. Even the paper! Ok maybe not the paper. But she had an awesome anniversary and I was happy to have shared in it. She’s amazing.

*and because it was part of HER weekend you can include the soccer we attended on Thursday.

At the old ball game: Real Madrid 5 Galaxy 1

So I missed this game last year. You know the one where Cristiano the god scored 2 goals. And one where he destroyed the galaxy defense with his Fancy moves and scored a spectacular goal..
But I was in there this year! Accompanied by my wondiferous bestía y su madre. amazing company to say the least. I was upset to see the stars sitting out, at first. I mean Di Maria and Higuain started but where the fuck was Cristiano?! Anyway Di Maria was a FORCE. He easily could’ve had 3 goals and set up 2 more. But he scored just 1. It was an amazing left foot strike with plenty curve. Yada yada yada. CRISTIANO IS SPOTTED WARMING UP ON THE SIDELINES! It was like seeing Superman. If superman was a portuguese football god.
Fast forward to half time and Cristiano comes out warms up. Puts on a clinic with his fancy tricks. Which he makes look as effortless as fucking breathing oxygen. He got some nice moves off in the game. Came SUPER DUPER close to almost scoring on a Chilena. And he blew an easy effort off the left side of the woodwork. He was absolutely stunned he missed it. It happens. Amazing game. Wonderful time. Phenominal company.