Bestía has a way about her. Knowing what I need to hear. She has good timing. Mostly, cuz there are times when I wish she’d just take what I say for what it is and shut up! But that’s the balance right? LOL. Seriously though, she gives support and advice and perspective I truly value. It’s not always about telling me I’m right either. I mean, I’m always right, duh. She’s just a voice I like to have. One I’m lucky to have. There’s a lot of sacrifice I see her make daily. For herself. For her seed. For her mother. For me. For US. our family. Long term mentality. I’m ready to match that. It’s something I think I need to do. Shake up my life. Have more urgency in ALL facets. I need to take another step in my growth. Right now we are individuals. We can’t make all our decisions with each other in mind. Some, of course. A lot, even. We’re separate though. Yeah, we’re together. But the goal is to be TOGETHER. whatever it takes. That’s where I wanna be. Thank you, Bestía.