Yet again

As crazy as she is and makes me. Bestía makes my life easy as fuck! She deserves nothin less than the best I have to offer. Everyone else shows me how awful people are and why I hate them. She is the complete opposite. She bends over backwards for me and asks for nothing in return. Not even that I match her intensity. But I should and will give her EVERYTHING because that’s what she deserves. Thank you bestía. I love you

*this was brought about by Tiffany being a loathsome slut.

Danny!’s Payback gets 9/25 release date!!

Since the emails are slow this post has 2 purposes. 1) BS’n with one of my favoritest rapperers on the tweeter & 2) to inform you that Payback finally got a fucking release date 9/25 via the relaunch of OkayPlayer Records. Soci wonder if that’ll affect the features that were supposed to be on it. And of interscope with still have their stamp while OKP handles distro. *shrugs* too bad the Tyler song leaked an Tyler bitched an lied and said Danny! stole it. Whatevers

see the news HERE