UFC 150: recap

Holloway v Lawrence
This was the first fight of the PPV. I missed most of if. But tuned-in in time for the KO. Holloway let loose a bunch of knees and punches. Lawrence couldn’t defend himself. Stoppage late 2nd rd TKO.

Okami v Roberts
Okami was the replacement fighter and boy did he show his skill. Roberts was comfortable on his feet but Okami took it to the ground where he was dominated. Okami quickly got full mount and Roberts decided to give him his back and shell up. Okami was bombs away till the end of the round. If there had been 5-10 more seconds ref Herb Dean def woulda called it. Once the 2nd round started the exact same thing happened. And this time Herb Dean called the fight. Roberts was shelled up with Okami on his back taking bombs. Good fight for Okami

Shields v Herman
Shields is a boring fighter who can’t finish in the UFC. He’s won 3 fights one of which he should’ve lost. And they’ve all been boring decisions. It’s ok to be skillful and have a high work rate for for an entire fight. But shields just takes you down and grinds you. Tires you out and does just enough to win the round. He’ll never be a main attraction or title holder. He won this fight via UD. I had better things to do than watch this.

Guillard vs Cerrone
THIS is what I had been waiting for. Melvin Guillard is one of my favorites and this fight was sure to be exciting. Cerrone will stand and throw em with power! And they were all action from the jump. Early Guillard ducked a hook from Cerrone and countered with his own. Knocked Cerrone down. Guillard expended a bunch of energy trying to finish and couldn’t quite do it. After they reset Cerrone feinted a punch, Guillard using his boxing ducked. As he did so he was met by Cerrone’s high kick. Guillard wobbled but stayed up. Not for long. Cerrone fired a straight right BAM. KO!!! Just like that. Cerrone 1st rd KO. Fight of the night and KO of the night.

Henderson vs Edgar
5 rd fight for the championship.
Henderson started this fight the way he dominated the 1st one. Leg kick after leg kick after leg kick. In the 2nd Edgar caught Henderson with a right that dropped him. He tried to lock in a guillotine. Which was unsuccessful. And Henderson used that to get his bearing back. He lucked out cuz he was in trouble. 3rd rd comes around And Henderson seemed to have abandoned his leg kicks. Not smart. They had a lot of back and forth exchanges from 3-5. Nothing too spectacular but it was very constant action. Edgar kept trying unsuccessfully for guillotines and Henderson was landing random and sometimes shots. I thought Edgar controlled the fight and clearly won. But Henderson was given a the split decision victory. Edgar was PISSED! Rightfully so. But I’d like to say it wasn’t the worst decision ever. But I had it for Edgar

UFC 150 was a good one. Next up 151 where Jon Jones defends the light heavyweight title.