Far Away

stay far away
as far away as distance will allow you
I’m closer to fine
and my heart now pounds again
don’t come around
don’t bring me down
there’s nothing left for you to stomp on the ground
don’t breathe this air with me
I can’t stand to inhale the same air
as a coward
opposite direction of me is where you should travel
put millions of acres of land in between us
there is nothing left of us
if one couldn’t be true
just stay away
far away like we never had closeness
like there was never fondness
pretend that our hearts never felt each others awareness
stay far away
each day is less gray
each day is going slowly
being aware enough to stay clear of you
leave me alone
because what I was told was never shown
so just stay away from me
because the light connection that we had
has now blown


*i see my Philly girl pickin up the pen again