So ends our saga. I bet you’re happy & relieved. Nothing changes for me. I love you still. I know you still love me but refuse to take my hand and jump. You’re right though, I HAD you and I fucked up. 2nd chance?… But you won’t hear about it from me. Will we stay friends? That’s a decision you’ve always made. I promised to ALWAYS be here for you. That never changes. I’m still “gonna bring you back”. It just won’t be me that shares in your greatness. And if somehow your mind changes? You know where to find me….

Saying goodbye to love. The woman of my dreams. It. The one. Soulmate. (all words you’ve also used to describe me. Fairly recently too.. To no avail [not “woman” tho lol])
Dreams are just dreams. Reality is here. I really thought I’d have you. Smh. I really did… A fool I’ve always been
I love you.

Worse yet? I’ll never have my son…
I love you 456.


survival of us. love forever undeniably living. journey’s everlasting. new never-ending.

First person that GETS it, you’ll have a prize coming to you in the mail. This was written a while back. Was saving it for something special. It seems now that is pointless. So you want a prize? Go for it. I’m serious. I’ll break bread for you.