My favorite song of 2011.

This one isn’t even close. I mean there were a shit ton of dope albums/projects/mixtapes/EPs/leaks/singles/etc. but the one song? For me? Dreamerz. Without a doubt. Such a fuckin relatable song. The beat is incredible. Emanny any does his thing. The hook, 2nd bridge, ad-libs. But really, it’s Joe. That nigga just spazzed out on that real life shit. As he do often does. Then when it speaks to certain situation so seemingly perfect (at times). Fuck man. this fckin song man….

*i could go more in depth but really… You just need to listen.

New year. New love.

New year. New love.
New love from an old love.
Hope we can make a new love from our old love
take our connection to elevated levels
New heights even we couldn’t see before
A new bond made
A new perspective shared
2 new old souls becoming one
No need to retrace our steps
Cuz we’re making a new path.
One where we following each other’s lead
Inhibitions left behind.
Lost in one another’s mind
Depths we’ve never reached
Ready to learn, willing to teach
And eye contact is the only way we need to speak
That sparkle says all
The smile is what made me fall
Your entire being is perfect
To have any piece of you, a gift.
I want it all.
You bring complete bliss.