Take 2, a chance at you.

Grasping at straws
Grasping at love
Reaching for you
Though the effort seems fruitless, what else can I do?
Even the thought of another shot seems to good to be true
But I gotta take the chance of utter self destruction
In the same risk, complete bliss
The “all or nothing” scenario.
Took out my heart. Set it on the table
Will you handle it with care? Are you willing? I pray that you’re ready. I know you are able
Or will you rip out the stitches leaving me back in pieces?
I’ve come too far to ever go back. That’s why we’re on a new path.
We’ve crossed again. Can we stay on the same track?
I assure you, if I again am shattered to pieces, I’ll be too far to ever make it back.
So that’s the risk I take, a decision I gleefully make
Reluctant? Never. Sometimes the sequel is better. . .