The love that never was

Endless conversations on the phone
Holding you close lost in your smile
Caught in the zone
Hand in hand everywhere we traveled
Dancing together while we shared the music
Shared the love. shared the time. Shared life.
Our love. Our time. Our life.
Inherited a child. I called him my own
He accepted me. Wanted me. Even when you didn’t see, it was shown
I was blind then, now I’ve grown
Part 2 on the horizon? I thought it a possibility
Taking a step back I see the whole picture
A wish upon a star
Your thoughts? Just thought. I’m praying for your actions
but I will not hold my breath. Lest I suffocate
Love has me in a trance. Ever since the first date
You are my “one”. I am your “it”
Soul mates
But what’s our souls’ fate?
So caught up in our own lives we may never be mates
So focused on goals, love’s not the concentrate
What’s life without love? What’s love without us?
Gotta gamble on something, let’s go all-in on us
I told you like jay “cards up, all trust”
But only for you. I’m not just the “2”. Cuz together we’re 1
Another chance is all I ask but it may be too much
So I’ll kneel down and pray that you make back my way
I truly believe my dreams will come true. One day
One day….