Until your used to my face and my mystery fades

Song of the day. At least the morning. In the Past 72 hours. I’ve slept 7-8hrs total. Thank you graveyard shifts (not really). A lot has crossed my mind in that time.. Maybe I’ll take a break from my writing break to discuss a bit.

I don’t care bout nobody else
Cause i’ve been on these streets way too long
Baby i’ve been on this too long
Cause getting faded too long
Got me on this rolling stone
So I take another hit
Kill another seroton[in]
With a hand full of beans
And a chest full of weed
Got me singing bout a bitch
While I’m blowing out my steam
Yea I know I got my issues
Why you think I fuckin’ flow?
And I’mma keep on smoking ’til I can’t hit another note
Oooo but until then