Why I said I miss you

Click if you care. You don’t. But just in case you do.

You got me. You accepted me. You let be loud and obnoxious and outrageous. Even to you. Sure I needed to change some. And have (too late). But I was allowed to just BE. I didn’t have to think before I moved. And if I mis-stepped it’s was ok. You let me know and it was over. I could be off color with you AND your fam. Things are the way the are though. And getting to know ppl. Just reminds me of how much I miss you. Cuz it’s never easy. You made everything easy. I’m not easy to handle or accept. But you did so from the very beginning. From your “big move” at the club (arms around me? Lol) to the first time I met 456 to me txtn you at 5am the other day on some bs. It’s not you. It’s US. And WE don’t exist.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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