Two-9 at SXSW

I’m seen several times dumbing the fuck out in the first 45s of the video. Might’ve been my fav performance of the whole shit. Curtis and Osh showed a lot of love to a player.

EDIT: That shadow gettin buck next to me is TerrEnce Clayton

Here I go, again…

How did I get here again?
How’d I let my head sink back to THAT place?
All these hopes and ideas
Like I’m dreaming again
Gotta reprogram my mind.
Back to reality.
There you go, druw, thinking you’re somebody. Thinking you matter.
I know I’m someone. I know I matter.
I am the King.
And you?
You’re supposed to be the queen
And we shall rule with Love’s divinity.
There’s a place where dreams are reality.
I believe I’m in that place.
Now if only I could make my reality come to life; sooner than later
We will be golden.