The Source x DJ Spintelect Presents: Best Of 50 Cent

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With the recent 10-year anniversary of his classic debut ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” and the 8-year mark of it’s follow-up, The Source linked up with DJ Spintelect to provide a mix of the Queens MC’s best tracks of all time. Spin hooked it up with another dope mix, as usual, full of everyone’s favorite 50 verses. Consider it a gift from us to you! Artwork by Keese Good Of LADT.

The Source x DJ Spintelect Presents: Best Of 50 Cent


Still thinkin bout you. Still can’t quite grasp as to why this continues to take place
Insanity awaits. Lurking at every corner. Masking itself in every thought
you. You. YOU! I can’t seem to escape. Certainly nothing to embrace
Zero contact. I gain nothing from refrain. I gain nothing in exchanges. Lose-lose-lose.
How can it be that everything changes while everything stays the same?

Universal Magnetic

Seems like whenever we talk (face to face STOP! *breaks it down to Daft Punk* ok. Ummm. Or on the phone), WE TALK! We get calm and comfortable and we seem to want to talk about everything. Like we are being pulled together [to.get.her] by some force. We’ve always been perfect in moments. Longevity is the problem. Seems the universe won’t allow us to be great. Just in tiny spaces that are infinite. I cannot accept this. I will not. It’s not enough. Never was…