Flight Facilities at Lure

photo 2went to the club, Lure, to see the DJ/producer duo Flight Facilities. This was a super white/jap club with classic white fast paced club dance fist pump music. the type of thing I absolutely HATE. but you gotta make the best of it. I was there with Uptown (harlem) Meech, Jewels and L. L was ON! Jewels was being random and hilarious. Meech was enjoying herself quietly; I enjoyed her.photo 1

there she is IG’n me.

We were just hangin out and dancing (I was a lil, but not too much). Then it happened. FF CAME OUT!

photo 3and just like that they were playing the slow paced Clair De Lune over a dance track, and I loved it!

then they went into white club tunes. Which, while they played em, suddenly didn’t seem to make me want to vomit with disgust.

photo 4and then BAM! they throw on the ever groovy With You. and let me tell you, I LOST MY SHIT! fuckin love that song.

photo 5Once Jess walked out, we all knew what time it was. FOREIGN LANGUAGE! They played the original, obvs. It’s much more clubby and dancy than the better, more deliberate, Elizabeth Rose Remix. Twas awesome still. very fun performance.

I know they played their other tunes too, but these are my 3 favs. Shortly after Foreign Language, we decide it was time to bounce. It was all fun and awesome and super packed. Fun to step out of my comfort zone for some enjoyment