Hot Fire (c) dylan

I have been absolutely obsessed with 3 or 4 cd’s of late. American Gangster, Santogold, Rising Down, and In Search Of. . . Idk why but they’ve been the only thing in rotation. I normally just hop from cd to cd because of my great cd collection.(bought not stolen! and some fuckers have my shit, I’m coming for yall heads!). I’ve come to the conclusion that AG should be hailed as a classic. I mean get over the fact that Jay found a reason(excuse) to go back to drug/hustler rap. It was a genius move; American Gangster as it correlates to Shawn Carter (jay-z, whatever). 2nd, that shit is fire. The beats and rhymes are just perfect. AND FUCK YOU IF YOU DO NOT SEE JAY-Z AS AN EMCEE!!! anywho, Rising Down has the sound and feel of The Roots, but not really. 75 bars is a roots joint. I wish they would have kept birthday girl on it. It was poppy but in a good way. I mean a song about getting the stank from a newly 18 girl, come on guys, we have all had the dreams! The features kinda throw it off but its still a very strong cd. My fav tracks are Criminal and Rising Up. Wale is like my new favorite rapper (what up mandy). Next, Santogold is the shit!! I always describe her for those who don’t know as MIA for black people. lol. I think she is much better. I can’t get enough of her cd. And from the video, her performances are great. Too bad she ain’t on the bill for the LA RTB. You’ll Find a Way (remix) has taken over my life. Lastly, I love N*E*R*D. I was very vocal about going to GITD just for their performance. Their first cd is awesome (so is the 2nd but this is about the first). In Search Of.. has some great tracks. Brain, truth or dare, tape you, lapdance. the whole fuckin thing. I want the euro version since its more beats than band, but that shit is 50 bucks online and a spent all my chips, but one day I’ll own it.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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