I’ve really never been more geeked for the release of an animated movie(with the exception of the re-release of the many adventures of winnie the pooh** on dvd) . Wall-E looks so very intriguing. Not to mention all the adult themes prevalent in todays kids movies and cartoons. It takes normal movies themes and gives a robot who can’t talk the lead role. So all the mannerisms and beeps and shit will give it the funny, quirky twist. I’m a big ass kid so I’m counting down the days for this shit.
On another tip I saw narnia last week. That shit was awesome. I thought i’d be craptacular but it wasn’t.

**who else do you know who would randomly yell “Tut tut it looks like rain” though I hadn’t seen the movie in 5 yrs.

***i have Up down touch the ground on my PSP (since 05) ill upload it later

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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