my favoritest

So i always try and figure out what the hell is my favorite song is. It is an on going debate within myself. But i always get to the original Dead Presidents by jay and sweet thing by chaka khan (the mary j version aint to shabby) so here you go, my fav joints! ( i dont wanna get into the debate involving my obsession with marvin and EW&F and teddy p (and others), cuz soul music period is my fav)

Jay-Z – Dead Presidents (original)

Chaka Khan – Sweet Thing

**bonus: Mary J Blige – Sweet Thing <– her performance of this at Heart of the City was amazing!

new day

I have a taste for an alternative to hiphop today (except for that new wale i just posted by way of shake) so here is what i been listening to (well a taste not completely)

System of a Down – Toxicity: This is my fav system song. The instrumentation is lovely!

Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong: This is my fav LP song. I get stupid to this joint. I just wanna get hype and style on someone to this

RATM – Bulls on Parade: I am a huge rage fan, so i’ll pump something from them on the daily but this is the joint for today!

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
: I absolutely love Zeppelin. If i could live in the 60’s and 70’s i would sooo be there.

Nirvana – In Bloom: far ahead of their time. RIP cobain