Rissi P

this is Rissi Palmer. She is a BLACK (or afro-amer for you politically correct MF’s) country singer (although she doesn’t sound completely country). I HATE country music. I mean if they voices was different and their music was more r&b-ish their songs would be good cuz some lyrics are great, but then it wouldn’t be country huh?. but I digress. She is HOT!! That’s all I really wanted to say. Here’s her cover of No Air**.

**I like this song, but would rather a solo joint that was by a better singer(s). (<<—- yes im a hater)

the (2)Dopeboyz in the building tonight

so a week or so ago 2dopeboyz went “plat”. 1000000 views *cues “a millie“*. I got a lil shout-out from M dot, whom if you recall I met at the UNI show. I’d like to say although I don’t fully know Shake or Meks they are both cool as fuck. I guess were eFriends (pause and no haux maux lmao). Shake hits me with just about any request via email, and I email back and forth with both, so extra shouts for keepin the nets and me updated and showin love(nhjic) to ya boy

***too bad sideshow bob isn’t Nigerian