random text message

it reads: “hey the girls said you look like Ryan Leslie” this was sent by my ex. “The girls” are her little sisters, they are known to make outlandish statements and full heartedly stand by them. I look nothing like a one mr leslie. But I guess its a compliment? idk…pretty random

**i had a pic similar to the one of ryan leslie posted above..it got deleted out my phone grrrr! it was awesome

more collecting

I guess I forgot to mention I got tats and superhero shirts in the collector blog. I mean 80% of my shirts are of the superhero variety. I only have five tattoos currently but I’m planning a collage for my back. Now back to the shirts, I have mostly marvel shirts, and like 7 involving spider-man. I’m not at home so I guess I’ll periodically post the shirts I have because, well just because.