Relax yourself girl please settle down

Were those lyrics that really hard to decipher? Anywho, Hip-Hop took over my life at young age. I’d say 4 or 5. Or whenever the videos of Ain’t Nuthin But a G Thang and Scenario hit back to back on MTV. I was hooked. I listen to everything EXCEPT COUNTRY, but hip-hop is my bread and butter. New or old I’m hooked. My love for it is completely unquestioned by those that know me. I invest time in everything to HS and college sports and comics and random ish, but hiphop seems to always find a way to the forefront. It has reached a point where I’m obsessed. Of course its a way of life, but it really goes beyond such in my mind. The aesthetic reaches out, its just so real to sit in my room and vibe to shit. Just get lost in it. Its more than a knockin beat or ill punchlines. Its a feeling. There is no better feeling in life than ripping off the plastic of a freshly purchased cd. The HipHop is Dead “statement” Nas made was BS, but i was willing to hear him out until it was found to be publicity stunt that failed. Then it spawned a bunch of elitist dumbasses who would continuously say it was dead. If you really think that then leave hiphop alone. Now the record labels refuse to release anything that isn’t ringtone rap. You are hard pressed to see/hear on the radio/TV anything of value, maybe a handful of the same shit tho. It wasn’t too long ago that they would play any and everything, mix the good with the bad, but now it just seems all bad. That said I know what I want and thats good hiphop. So I’m gonna stay tuned and ride this bitch til the death. Keep it locked to 2dopeboyz, stuntinonprose, her, —>> hit the lainks. At least some people still have sense.

**i hope a couple years from now ppl will look at american gangster as a classic record. At face value, its incredible. and J Burn said it was mad dope upon first listen, but let bs change his mind. Just take it for what it is. DOPENESS!

Neveruary 43rd

It looks like Neveruary 43rd got a little closer. I mean with Saigon being released from that bogus ass Atlantic deal can’t we expect a release via some indie distribution. Maybe, maybe not. Rappers/MCs like Saigon are good for the game. He has a message (sometimes) and can set the mic on fire, so of course they’d try and shelf his life. I REALLY hope The Greatest Story Never Told (foresight? i think so) gets some sort of official release, but I’m not holding my breath.

Saigon – Believe It

**link via Shake by way of Just Bleezy