This is spawned by a convo at h.e.r.’s cbox**. We was talking about “I see now” with Kanye Cons and Little Brother. This shit is dope from start to finish…especially the aggressive ass “AWWW” and “NAWWW” kanye is a fool. not to mention his little shit talkin at the end “aw nigga yo check engine light on, well yo top on so we got two things we tryin to get off” LMAO classic!

I See Now – Kanye West, Little Brother, And Consequence

**RIP to dondub’s cbox, it used to be crackin


So since I’m missing game 7 of the Cavs/Celts cuz im here at work I decided to blizzog. I collect shit. Not in a OCD type cant throw shit out way. More like I like to collect certain shit. All through my childhood I collected toys and basketball cards. Not toys in a box, I took em out. Now I have a dreamcast, PSP (w/ a speaker system for it), SNES, N64, Wii, and PS3. I play the snes the most. My dreamcast cables are fried but I’m planning on getting more. PS3 shits on EVERYTHING, for the dumbasses who believe that 360 is better you get the gas face *GAS FACES YOU BASTARDS*. Additionally I collect magazines. A back injury stopped me from meeting M dot at the mall to pick up a bunch, and I’m still salty about that. I also re-started my toy collection, again everything is out of the box (except for the upside down spidey which I have no place for). I have mostly rare shit that could sale decent, but it’s mine fuck that selling shit. And as of late I’m getting back in the shoe and hat game. One thing I stopped collecting is movie ticket stubs, but I continue to keep my concert and sporting event tix. My favorite things though are definitely my DVD and CD collection. I’m gonna start buying Blu-Ray but I’m still gonna buy dvd’s cuz them shits be cheap as hell. As for CD’s I’m never going digital unless something is a digital only release.