It’s perplexing to the mind
Reflecting on it all
What was the last straw?
With the end brings a beginning anew
After the reset button I don’t feel brand new
I feel washed up and used
A hand me down
One man’s trash is anothers treasure.
So am I more of a vintage piece that’s others are searching high & low for?
I’m right here on the shelf just waiting to be discovered.
Getting better with time
The scars? Those are just “character”
Adding to the mystic nostalgia you get when gaze at my outer shell
But take a look on the inside. I have the world to offer to you.
I want you to swim in the depths of my soul
Splash around in the wealth of my knowledge
Skinny dip in my stream of conscious
Hold your breath under my pain.
Hold my hand while we walk in the rain
Those rain drops are tear drops
I’m sharing my all
You deserve nothing less
And I deserve something more
When our lips touch I feel it in the core
Of my heart.
The moment that lasts forever
The moment we found forever
I promise to never let go. Ever.
It was over from the start.
Now it’s time to RE:START

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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