I’m in a bind

I absolutely despise buying music digital. I love buying the hard copies of CD’s and i ain’t paying twice. BUT! now that i have an iPhone idk what i should do. I ‘m probably gonna stick to buying hard copies and waiting to transfer them, but fuck if I’m not leaning towards digital.

Author: bananaclipse

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6 thoughts on “I’m in a bind”

  1. i’m not knocking or nothing [cuz itouches/iphones = extra dopeness], but you’re better off having both an ipod & a phone. for starters, the battery for the ipod isn’t replaceable, and then you add on the fact that the ipod function will drain the battery quicker than the actual phone function.

    apple’s some techno-pimps in this electronics shit. they create shit that will die fast & then make it impossible to not be forced to buy a new one as a replacement. i got 2 ipods now because of that shit, and one can’t even leave the charger for more than 2 hours.

  2. i here taht, but i couldnt help it..im an electronics type cat and i NEEDED this, but i am considering buy in an ipod from the homie for mega dirt cheap…im more interested in the phone than the ipod in the iPhone

  3. they have been trying to fashion the iphone as a form of blackberry-style device, so in that sense it’s kind of dope. you should search the internets for iphone related programs. some of those shits go in.

  4. i have mountains of hacks i just gotta choose wat i want. im like a kid in a candy store now

  5. I concur. I bought my iPhone for an extremely cheap price at $50 (it “fell” off the back of a truck) and I was spazzing when I first got it, but I’ve started neglecting it lately, now that my Mac Book is up & running. Trust me, after a few months you’ll get bored of messing with it. You got yours unlocked?

  6. know u are lucky…and yes my phone is unlocked! and i dont seee myself gettin bored, cuz i had my SK3 for a year and didnt get bored….

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