Not saying much of anything.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Or this morning. You were among my thoughts. I almost reached out and bared it all to you. I held back. I don’t know if I made the right decision. Whether it matters at all. For my sanity, it does. I think I’ll tear myself my mind apart until I decide to unleash this in the universe, one way or another. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to say it to you.

Mis sueños

What do all the dreams mean?
Are they just an outlet for the subconscious thanks to the internalizing of real/true emotions?
I have a lot of déjà vu, so can I expect a few of these visions to come to pass in reality?
Is it just because I’ve been thinkin about you more than a little bit lately? So, then these thoughts are manifesting a fantasy?
Are they just random and I’m placing too much significance on the theatre of the mind?
Perhaps I’ll find out soon. Or maybe I never will.
What I do know if I saw you in my dreams. We engaged. I felt myself relax. in a fucking dream my body in a sleeping state RELAXED! You have complete control of me. I hate this. After I felt this happen my mind was able to grasp that I was in a dream and I somehow forced myself to wake up. I was amazed when I awoke and knew what I did. I didn’t want my mind to fool me any longer. It’s not real. None of it is. Or maybe, just maybe, it will be and I don’t want to experience it twice. I would like for reality to surprise me. For once.

Emeli & Emily.

Last week I attended the Emeli Sande concert at the El Rey. The original post ot lost in drafts but I decided to still talk about it now. Deal with it.
Opening for Emeli on tour was Emily King. They were both amazing. I enjoy Emily King. I’m not a mega fan. But she’s pretty damn great. Now Ms Sande?! I’m all about her. Not only is her voice absolutely flawless live, but it’s even better! More powerful. It was truly incredible to witness. She also lost A LOT of weight which bodes well for the eye candy. It was just fucking awesome as shit.