“With you by my side…”

**this started as a one sentence text message…

You have been on my mind since I woke up. I thought about the embrace we shared Saturday night. It led me to 2 places. The painfully obvious one is that now I miss you. Like crazy. The other being that it is one of my favorite moments. It’s one of the little moments you want to keep forever. To stay bound in the warmth. In the love. Wrap myself up in the soft blanket of comfort that you provide. The bigger, more overt gestures are every bit as meaningful but the little moments, that often aren’t even thought about, they stick with me. And mean more then you’ll ever know. when we saw Lana. In the short line to get “checked” by security outside, you did your patented “big move”. Hugged me from behind. Then as we strolled in together you made it a point to grab my hand and hold it. It was a wonderful evening from beginning to end. But those 2 little things made all the difference. You have this way of making it feel like we’re the only 2 people in world. I get lost in the majesty of your eyes and splendor that is your smile. In that floating space in time; I could die. Nothing is more perfect. The lights are on but your glow illuminates the room. Illuminates my life, my passion. We’ve yet so far to go, but every encounter we have feels like an eternity. Even before we depart I’m longing to once again be a part of your existence. Enveloped in your aura. I’ll live in my dream, just until we meet again, Love.

*halfway thru I put The xx – Open Eyes (demo) on. To create the proper atmosphere to continue writing this. I also put it on the list 😉

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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