PHONTE ft. CARLITTA DURAND – Gonna Be A Beautiful Night [Video]

forgot to post this. i need a new Phonte album. a new Foreign Exchange album and a new Zo & Tigallo Love The __’s album. ALL 3 NOW!!! please

Carlitta has a wonderful voice. I’m gonna listen to Little Brother – After The Party now. also, i remember meeting her at SXSW. what up Jabee!!

Janelle Monae x Big Boi x Nokia

These are my favorite shots from the show. Big Boi was great. 2nd time I’ve seen him. Janelle Monae may have put on the best show I’ve ever seen. I would pay to take bestía to see her (I would’ve asked bestía to attend had she not already informed me of a prior more important engagement). Ok so, the Big Boi shot was tough to get. I noticed the colored lights would periodically stop for just a moment and I FINALLY timed it right to capture him in only the spotlight. The Janelle shot was a bit of skill and a touch of luck. Stupid jerk video crew were always in the shot. But I am extremely happy with the result. I have 2-3 other similar ones. But for now this is the fav. The 3rd is the paper/confetti they shot off during her performance. It’s just awesome. The lighting makes it to me