Feelin you. Feelin me?

I’m interested to get to know her. She’s at least intrigued by me. It’s a start. I’m handsome and charming 😉 . I have much to offer. It’s FAR TOO EARLY to read into anything. But I can I always look at myself. And see who I’ve become. In many ways I’m the man I’ve always been. Cuz I lost sight of who I was. And that’s what led to the fall of the empire and destroyed my soul. I’m better though. I’m still getting better. I’m ever improving. And your influence has plenty to do with it. Sucks that it doesn’t mean anything. As far as my dream is concerned. Anywho. I’m more open. Less of a jerk (I swear I am). More positive. Still bite my nails though. Well that’s enough reflection for now. I should go deeper (that’s what she said) but now’s not the time. I will though. Cross my heart. HOPE TO DIE.

Tidbits from the grave

This old dude is nice and all. But he’s boring and making me tired

The broad who was here when I came in was cool. When I told her bout my purchases this past weekend she said ‘you must walk around all swagged out’ and in that moment I longed to be inside of her

This other chick is watching an awful ass movie. While I get a chance to sit I’m watching with her (yes we at work)

The cold outside feels awesome!

I wore the wrong shoes tho. Feets gon hurt.

Played wii all day. My arms are getting sore. Was worth it.

Shouts to the hood bitches at work. Told em I wanna sock a bitch in the mouth and they reactions. PRICELESS