Rissi P

this is Rissi Palmer. She is a BLACK (or afro-amer for you politically correct MF’s) country singer (although she doesn’t sound completely country). I HATE country music. I mean if they voices was different and their music was more r&b-ish their songs would be good cuz some lyrics are great, but then it wouldn’t be country huh?. but I digress. She is HOT!! That’s all I really wanted to say. Here’s her cover of No Air**.

**I like this song, but would rather a solo joint that was by a better singer(s). (<<—- yes im a hater)

the (2)Dopeboyz in the building tonight

so a week or so ago 2dopeboyz went “plat”. 1000000 views *cues “a millie“*. I got a lil shout-out from M dot, whom if you recall I met at the UNI show. I’d like to say although I don’t fully know Shake or Meks they are both cool as fuck. I guess were eFriends (pause and no haux maux lmao). Shake hits me with just about any request via email, and I email back and forth with both, so extra shouts for keepin the nets and me updated and showin love(nhjic) to ya boy

***too bad sideshow bob isn’t Nigerian


The Lox used to be the SHIT. D-Block is meh, but The Lox was mad ill. From there shiny suits to their songs on the Ruff Ryder compliations (after v2 the series was all down hill). Go Head from RR v2 was a life changer. The ominous beat and grimy lyrics, man!! It just takes me to another place. Jadakiss solo joints are just ok. Outside of A Gangsta and a Gentleman, Styles joints are hit or miss. I mean good but not fuckin with his first joint. Sheek’s first solo effort was cool, highly under-rated but not a 5 mic-er(when they meant something). Silverback Gorilla is decent nothing special. So from money, power, respect to D-Block it’s The Lox. BITCHES!!