Pesdilla favorita

Another day

Another dream
It seems I’m still caught in the vicious cycle
You’re gone
Been gone
Alas, this time you won’t be back
I know this. 
Yet my subconscious feels the need to remind me
Almost daily
And surely vividly
Most of the time it’s not even a Love filled reunion
Just an awkward passing by
I know where you are in my heart 
I don’t need some cruel reminder every night when my body is rejuvenating
At least this fantasy didn’t come with a side of depression this time around
It’s not even a longing. 
I just miss you
I spend all day occupying my mind
pushing any stray thoughts of you to the back
They choose a hell of a way to manifest
One night I was able to wake myself up mid dream
I didn’t want to get wrapped up in one of those feel EVERYTHING lucid movies
I don’t know if I could’ve made it back from my mind tricking me into feeling your warmth again
Well “warmth”
The cold is cruel and awakening. 
But sometimes very refreshing. 
I’ll find some balance 
As your real warmth is no longer here to blanket me
I must create my own 
So I guess I’ll just see you later
In my dreams

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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