The Paxtons Catalog Review: Intro

I feels like the first I ever heard of The Paxtons was the homie FWMJ tweetering about them. Or just tweetering the names of their songs as he listened to em. I had them on a list of people I need to check out for at least a year. Then old whatshername, yeah HER, tells me I need to listen to them IMMEDIATELY! Sends me a couple song names and then BAM!! I’m all in. I started with Avenue B (which is my favsies of their catalog; more on that later.) Then A, then work and the manhattan project. Then Avenue C+D when it finally dropped. SHE guided me thru the beginning, but I got to the end on my own. Now Chris and Dave are like my best friends.

Background? Idk maybe I’ll interview them next. But they’re Chicago kids. Now they rep the ‘Go from NY tho. Dave just had him a baby. Well I assume he impregnated a woman, cuz us men can’t have babies. Unless he did then well… That’s just a whole nother story. Chris Instagram pics of him chillin wit family. So there’s that. I don’t know man, they’re just my best friends, ok? Fuck

I mean this whole thing came about because Dave tweetered that he wants someone to go thru and “review” their music, for realsies. So I told him that I’d undertake the task and here we are. Only thing is I’m doing my version of a review because traditional reviews seems kinda boring these days. Robotic really. Matter of fact, I need my best bud Meka to start writing reviews again, NOW! Maybe, just MAYBE, I’ll start writing more, we’ll see how this goes. But I got you Dave (& Chris)! So, here’s the review of The Paxtons entire catalog. ENJOY, BITCHES!

PS. I’d be a little more precise with my grammar and syntax if I was being paid to do this but I’m NOT. So spare me the grief assholes.

PS again. Hi, YOU. *waves*

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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