Review: The Paxtons – Avenue B


Avenue B is part deuce in the series, released January 2012. It was my introduction to The Paxtons and is my favoritest in the series. *waves* Hi, YOU (yeah, YOU!)

Track 1: Lil Bit Of Livin’: NOW THIS is how you start an album. Beat so smooth and infectious. The ad-libs really bring this jazzy little ditty to life. Then Chris starts the party. On some real smooth shit. Opening bar sets off my entire LIFE “with the right light we can make poor look decadent”. That’s what everything is about right? From the rappering game to the 9-5 game. Anywho his verse is basically about this broad he picks up, smokes out, then bangs out. And that’s just life. Chorus is pretty perfect “it’s just a lil bit of livin’”. DUH! Remember this the everyman rapperer group! Dave comes out on some smoothed out braggart rapperer bravado and that’s just fine with me. He is better than you and his weed smoke is of a higher potency, again, DUH! They just livin, a lil bit at a time.

Favorite bar(s): “pardon the garden I swear I’m hard in own mind, beard James Harden” – Dave

Oh man if that bar was rewritten today?!? He’d say “Beard game James Harden” and life would be grand!

Track 2: She Know: Dave is on first and this is about a broad. I mean it’s called “She Know” so what else do I expect? He tells her he’s from the Go but lives in Brooklyn. This is relevant because reasons. The verse ends incomplete. Dave, did you hit it raw or not?!? I need to know. Chris saingin on the hook again cuz he’s the best. And when his verse starts he straight to it! Said he aint even talkin about sex cuz he already knows she gonna take that D. Just gotta figure out where. SHE KNOW! Also, Chris only crushes bad bitches and they best not tweeter about the fuck they make. Oh yeah, The Paxtons have a skill that most rapperers seem unable to master: THEY ALWAYS PICK BEATS THAT ARE GOOD AND THAT THEY SOUND GOOD ON!

Favorite bar(s): Numbers exchanged, she already know ima know her frame – Dave

Track 3: F**K Friends: THIS IS (most likely) MY FAVORITEST SONG IN THEIR ENTIRE CATALOG! This is the first song that SHE (yeah, HER) sent me and it was like BOOM!! This entire song is perfect. There’s like 3 phases to it. The intro is awesome in its’ own right. Chris’ chant is infectious and ever so relevant. Then the beat switches and Dave goes in. Dave talks about a one night stand that turns to more but it shouldn’t be more but the fuck game vicious so he keeps going even though he knows he shouldn’t. Then Chris begins to spit the most glorious most perfect rapper in the history of rappering. I mean that’s all there is to it. His flow, word play, his refrain, his entire being is perfect in this verse. Then there’s another verse with a slight change to the beat and Dave drops a trill ass verse to close the joint out. It’s an amazing song about sex and friendships and being more and being less. It’s everything!

Favorite bar(s): so that I don’t write out the ENTIRE song (which I WILL do, don’t tempt me) cuz various not so subliminals will be sent to HER . . .

I took your best and you got mine too, but we was our best when the shit felt new – Dave

Track 4: Stay In Love (Feat Ohboi! Niyre): This is another absolutely amazing song. The 2nd verse is literally EVERYTHING to me. Or it was (still is). SHE know (is this OUR song? That’s a whole nother write-up for another time). . . This is just one song I say you HAVE to hear to FEEL it. It means a lot to me for various reasons. It’s Love. All Love. Dave & Chris show Love in several aspects, Love life, love another, your town etc. The guest singing is also just spot on. It’s the proper compliment to the entire vibe of the tune.

Favorite bar(s): Chris’ entire verse but for the review’s sake: long as I got you what matters? Not a damn thing else, my life is Love itself – Chris

Track 5: Again: Track starts with Chris and his verse is basically about smoking. It’s not that corny rapperer smoking shit that we have heard endlessly though. Far from it. Hook is simple. Super simple. But it just works so perfectly! Crazy. Doing more with less. THE PAXTONS! Dave chooses a bitch in his verse. Then he proceeds to pipe her down, again and again. Trill G shit.

Favorite bar(s): Penchant for the prose, aint no pension for them flows/ keep my penmanship prolific but I’m pensive round these hoes. – Dave

Track 6: Hayling’s Interlude: this is literally just a beat interlude. It’s not bad. I actually enjoy it. Who’s responsible for producing it?!? But since there’s nothing to analyze I’m gonna eat these strawberries before the next song. Yummy

Track 7: Curb Service: Before I start, “curb service” should be the new terminology for getting head in the car. Man or woman. Think about it “I got me some curb service last night”. That’s killer. Anyway . . . Chris is tired of all these folk just talkin and not movin shit. Aren’t we all?! Geezus. I mean basically he tryna give us the game and be bout that business. I feel you, Chris, play on my brotha. Dave playin wit a hoe but he drop that hoe off cuz he got trill life shit to take care of. And he know he can pick her up later if a nigga feel like it, curb service, WHAT?!?! He a G like that.

Favorite bar(s): the sky, your eyes, your thighs, your hair, and hell I’m beautiful right?/ ok that last one was for you, take in your beautiful sights – Chris

And so ends the venture into Avenue B. It was a fun ride. I learned a lot about myself and all that kind of shit. Got a couple more blocks to stroll though. Avenue C+D .