TwoineyLo – I Have a Dream (Prod. Ufmo)

artworks-000036876328-8avj8w-t500x500anyone remember how I said I was gonna post random cats music whether it sucked or not? well here we go. He sent me something I wasn’t too fond of but this didn’t suck too hard. the use of Dr King? stop it. but the beat and flow is cool


I give YOU my Love

I understood what you meant by you not deserving the Love I had to offer. Fine. Be that as it may, it doesn’t change the fact that it was decided long ago where my Love was going. I have a lot of Love to give those around me. But it’s just not the same. Never as fulfilling. I’m much more available now to those around me. It’s genuine, but it just doesn’t always bring me satisfaction. Another thing I need to work on I guess.

HAWDWERK – MasterMind [video]

Peace, wanted to thank you for your continued support & for being an all around real ass nigga. Here’s the MasterMind video directed by Kaz Masud (@broccityguru) & produced by Adam Nelson (@adamnelsontv) for “Give Thanks”. The theme of the video is the beginning of a revolution, & that you never know where you might see HAWDWERK.