Ashley Fox “it’s complicated”

ESPN’s Ashley Fox wrote an article calling into question Ray Lewis’ legacy because of his being charged with murder in the year 2000 (inside joke but article HERE). She’s treading some dangerous water. The first point being he was ACQUITTED! 2nd is the obvious race card. Will she write about Big Ben the (alleged) Rapist’s cases when he retires? And lastly, she spends about 3/4’s of the article celebrating Lewis before coming to this “complicated” portion. All while not taking a hard stance on the issue. Just fuckin say you think he did it or knew more or whatever. Don’t just get your feet wet to be a pot stirring bitch hack. Take a REAL stance, have a REAL opinion, or just shut up. It’s pathetic. For shame Ashley Fox. For shame.

**i wrote this on my phone so eff structure, syntax and grammar. I don’t get paid for this shit.

Django & BB

Django was effing amazing. I saw it last week. Prolly gonna see it again. Who wants to go?!

Finally watched Breaking Bad Season 5a. (In a one day binge yesterday. Those are my fav) It was pretty god damn great. A lot of my questions were answered and the rest will be answered in 5b. So liberating! Woooooo

PS. I need some more books.