still HERE

i keep trying

is it me? is it you?

can we make a comeback? or am I destined to be DOOMed again?

just a couple of months ago it was a dream. we talked. we loved. we laughed . we shared.

I’m all in.

i think it’s all in your head. no matter how much i try to help. i just can’t. I just have to support you as best as I can until you figure it out.

when you do, hopefully i’m still the love of your life. because you are mine. soul mate(s).

I hope you find peace of mind. I pray for you all the time.

if I one day am no longer apart of the plan? well, it doesn’t matter, so long as you achieve the freedom you seek.

I’ll be here for you, Love. forever. FOREVER.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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