Tolly & Sledgren – Beat Knock EP Promo (Video)

On May 29th Tolly and Sledgren will release their collaborative Beat Knock EP. The EP features guest appearances from Juicy J, Owey, Deezlee, and more. Tolly decided to give his fans a little taste of what they’ve been waiting on. Make sure to download Beat Knock May 29th! Follow Tolly and Sledgren on Twitter @TOLLYBANDZ and @ImSledgren.

This how the convo went

Me: what’s the story with her? *points to C’s friend*
C: I’m not gonna get involved in this
Me: why not?
C: Because, what about J?
Me: there’s no guarantees. I could be stuck in the cold forever
C: but that’s who you want, yeah?
Me: that’s all I want
C: ok then. That’s why.
Me: ok *C’s friend no longer exists to me*

Remember that conversation? Not THAT ONE ^^^^ but the one WE had? Well, I think I’m fully embracing who I am now. For better or worse. Here I am.