May 9, 2012


My 25th anniversary. And my favorite ever.
I was shown mad LOVE. Mad folk hit me and several people were trying to do stuff for me.
The first gift I received in YEARS! Thanks jewels.
Lauren took me to a DOPE bar in Hollywood to watch the game(s). Her people’s showed me love too. Delicious ass foods. Dranks!!! And randomly jermaine dupri and angela simmons were sitting next to us lol.
But really Beast set it off. ALL DAY. From the moment she rose till I died. She made me feel the LOVE. Even into the coming days! She’s a special one. Made me feel amazing. And she fucking surprised me with a red velvet cake from my(our) bakery! SURPRISE. even if nothing else happened she made my day special.
Thank you to everyone. You’re all awesome

I love you Jennifer! You’re my favorite