un año

I wrote a bunch of things that are clearly not finished. Maybe I’ll finish em one day. Maybe. Who cares…

The only place our Love lingers is in these pages. My pen continues to bleed your name. I have no choice in the matter. I am but a vessel of Love in your name.
When she reduced everything we share(d) to having similar interest in music I knew the lies she was telling herself to protect her from falling back into our painful cycle of Love. I had to let her go. For the sake of both of us. That may have been the most Loving thing I’ve ever done for her. And myself
I guess every time I look at the moon I’m really looking at you. Hoping you’re looking too. That you can feel me, as I can feel you. Knowing that we are always connected as we move forward in our separate journeys.
We came to each other in pieces.
Yet made each other feel whole
With every piece of you that I saw I couldn’t find one I couldn’t Love
We took each other at our flaws.
As deep as they were
We knew there would be

Funny how recently you’ve come back up all over again. Everybody has a question. It seems it’s all still about you. Even when it’s not… *blows kiss to moon*