Conversations about HER

I had to admit to some things to help my friend feel better about her feelings. Let her know she is not alone.
I keep getting asked about you.
I guess in the end I should know I CAN’T avoid it.
The funny part was when she said “when you guys do it again, that has to be it”

She said it without any hesitation and very matter of fact. It will happen again. And that has to be it. It wasn’t that we’d get together again to break up AGAIN. It was that we both need to fix ourselves, find each other and fit our puzzle together properly. She’s well aware we’ve had 3 strikes and my taking full responsibility for the latest catastrophe. But she said “the universe obviously has a plan for you guys if you keep finding your way back.” I’m inclined to dismiss it. Only I’m not. Who knows. I’m just doing what I’ve always supposed to do and the cards will fall where they may. I appreciate her attitude towards it all. Very uplifting.
I told the jap that her feelings were absolutely normal. She put a lot of time and effort towards him. And for all the resentment in her heart the Love would always win out. It’s ok to miss him. Love him still. You’re allowed to keep that in your heart. Hell it’s better to have than the resentment. As long as she harnesses it correctly. On a tough day a good memory from the past can be all you need to keep pushing through to the future in the present. It’s all relative and all connected. And hearing that I miss the hell out of her was really what she needed to hear to feel normal.
The homie asked me how do I do it? I told it never really goes away no matter what you do or who you’re with. You just learn to accept it and try to be positive about it all. Cuz the negativity will gobble you up like quicksand. Things will remind you. Some of those things will sting. A lot will make you smile. Some will bog you down in sadness. You have to be prepared for it all. And push through no matter what. No one wins if you give up. And even if you never speak or see each other again, she wants/hopes to know that you are doing everything in your power to be great. To be everything she knows that you are. Even when she saw it before you. She just wants you to get there.
Look out. I’m on my way.

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