Conversations about HER

I had to admit to some things to help my friend feel better about her feelings. Let her know she is not alone.
I keep getting asked about you.
I guess in the end I should know I CAN’T avoid it.
The funny part was when she said “when you guys do it again, that has to be it”
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Clyde Shankle – BluCollarWorka

I’ll assume the name of the song is inspired by the song of the same(or similar) name by Blu.

Clyde Shankle gives his SoundCloud something new. Clyde puts together a one song divided in three segments, with production by Cal-A, Spencer Stevens and Jay Ant. Clyde Shankle sees “BluCollarWorka” as having the song act as something similar to a day in the life; having the first song play as morning, the second song acting as the afternoon and the third for the night. Download at will.

Clyde Shankle – BluCollarWorka.