Was NOT gonna share this but Deneen thought I should so…

I thought about this in the shower. I get my best thinking done there. I should take like 8 showers a day… But about you. There is just something about you. The idea of you. The thought(s) of you. Brings me joy. And when you’re in a constant battle in your mind you have to hold on to the little things that bring you joy. I don’t know what you represent to me. Maybe attainable fantasy? I’m not quite sure. But I certainly hang on to the feelings of joy. It’s such a fleeting feeling. I wish I know why I “chose” you. (In quotes cuz it doesn’t really feel like a choice I made, rather, something the universe bestowed upon me). Now I know my wants and fantasies are all pretty damn selfish. I kind of don’t care. I just want it fulfilled as much as possible. Cuz in a perfect world that fantasy would be….well I’ll keep that bit to myself. Let’s just say I’d take things to a crazy level. But there’s just something about you that brings me joy. And that’s something I NEED right now. And while I long for and want something more than that (with you). Well, I need to take what I can get. For now.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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