Ever since that Hank Moody quote from Californication I stopped writing. I wanted a new muse. I felt it was gonna hurt me to keep you in my mind as inspiration. So I just stopped. I have nothing. All I’m doing is hurting myself. If I do happen upon a new source of inspiration, so be it. But for now (& forever, really) you are it. I’ll continue to harness what I can from you. Or what’s left of you, in my mind. NOTE: I truncated a large section of this piece. A lot of other things didn’t need to be said (on here). But I’ll leave you with a portion of what I decided not to scrap:

I know where my place is in your life. The past. And I’m gonna respect that. As I ruined the chance to be the present and future. So I will keep it all to myself. The thoughts. The funnies. The feels. The music. The Love. The lust. The shows. The EVERYTHING. It’s all gonna stay here.