THE PRODUCER SUITE: Reason Enhanced (Lecture & Live Demo by The Futuristiks)

Me & Teddy gon be in this hoe. You should go to. It’s being put on by our people. Peace to KG:

Join us July 27th, 2013 as The Aver Agency presents The Producer Suite: Reason Enhanced, a music education workshop series hosted by Professor KG featuring special guests Grammy nominated The Futuristiks. This lecture and live demonstration in partnership with Propellerhead and SAE Institute will focus on “How to Use an Original Sample with Reason 7”. Attendees will learn tips, advice and shortcuts to make their samples bigger and more inviting from today’s leading urban music producers. “We work with various artists and producers and we always preach that Reason is the new wave of production. We produced a new song with Dr. Dre and we were showing him how we used Reason with the Audio, he was amazed”, says the Futuristiks. So come learn from the best and RSVP at The Producer Suite: Reason Enhanced is sponsored by the Aver Agency, the True Sounds Producers Showcase, and The Producer Suite: Reason Enhanced series will be located at the SAE Institute 6565 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.