I wish you knew the truth

I wish I could tell you how I really feel.

I wish I could rewrite history where We win

Can’t go back.

Can’t move forward.



The book is about ready to close on our story.


So many unfinished stories

My library is filled with them

I keep starting

Never can seem to finish.

That’s how my story will end.

Just like all the others. . .


In this extensive interview with Montreality, Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan speaks about:
His upcoming projects “Supreme Clientele 2”, “12 Reasons to Die”, His collaborative album with MF Doom,
The likelihood of one last Wu-Tang album for the 20th anniversary of “36 Chambers” His conversion to Islam, Having settled his beef with Biggie the day before he passed, The reason he stopped smoking Marijuana & More

Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work

a little birdie reminded me that this EP existed. . . .

I’ve seen you with the lights off
I’ve seen you and you think you love me
I’ve seen you with your hat off
I’m dreaming of a time when you knew me

So baby, is it all you’ve got?
Tell me if you got some moorrre
I’m thinking of some time off
I’m dreaming of a time that you knew me

Some things never seem to fucking work

Remember when you kissed me
At Jimmy Jones when I was 17
Convinced myself you were the shit
Convinced myself you love me

So baby, is that all you’ve got?
Tell me if you got some mooorrre
I’m thinking of some time off,
I’m dreaming of a time that you knew me

So maybe then we’re better off
Well maybe if it’s all you wanted
Leave me alone
Leave me alone