The Kissing Game 2


Coming together once again, Ashley Outrageous, Spintelect, and a brand all about love – Twelve Bar bring you The Kissing Game Volume 2 for 2013! Keeping the tradition going, the mix features the very best of late-90s/early 2000s RnB jams from start to finish. The Kissing Game Volume 2 is the perfect backdrop for this love-filled day, and even days after. Whether you’re celebrating or not, this will surely have you groovin’…



F.Y.I. gives us some cinematic visuals to his latest song, Incense, complete with a crooked female cop, a plot to get riches, a sexy “down-for-her-guy” chick, and of course incense. You can smell the sex in the air by the time the video ends! The crown jewel of Mid-City L.A. will be releasing this song on his new tape titled Yo! The Places You’ll Go.

Download HERE