The Black Opera – Queen of Hearts (f. Mayer Hawthorne)


“While in search of his Queen of Hearts, or some would say, KUEENZ of Heart, the King was not very trusting with any of his beautiful possibilities. Once he learned how to trust himself, then and only then, was he able to trust and L O V E Without A Limit.”

The Black Opera – Queen of Hearts (f. Mayer Hawthorne)

The Kissing Game 2


Coming together once again, Ashley Outrageous, Spintelect, and a brand all about love – Twelve Bar bring you The Kissing Game Volume 2 for 2013! Keeping the tradition going, the mix features the very best of late-90s/early 2000s RnB jams from start to finish. The Kissing Game Volume 2 is the perfect backdrop for this love-filled day, and even days after. Whether you’re celebrating or not, this will surely have you groovin’…



F.Y.I. gives us some cinematic visuals to his latest song, Incense, complete with a crooked female cop, a plot to get riches, a sexy “down-for-her-guy” chick, and of course incense. You can smell the sex in the air by the time the video ends! The crown jewel of Mid-City L.A. will be releasing this song on his new tape titled Yo! The Places You’ll Go.

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