Late Bloomers – Always Know EP

I downloaded this shit off the strength of the first track they sent me. you should too! ALSO, read their description after the cut; hilarious!

Late Bloomers – Always Know EP

Late Bloomers are proud to present Always Know, an EP inspired by the epic announcement of Brian McKnight’s adult mixtape.  The project consists of 10 tracks, in which the majority are instrumentals crafted by F.olk and ReallyNathan including a bonus remix of the Growth Series 2 track “The Giver”, which features Big Pooh from the group Little Brother.

Always Know displays a range of sounds by F.olk and ReallyNathan, varying from atmospheric, bass heavy compositions to uptempo, hard-hitting beats.

Adhering to the concept of having an open mind, evolving, and staying aware of one’s self, this EP serves to show the true inspiration to be found from Brian McKnight’s adult mixtape.

Author: bananaclipse

i like turtles

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